Everyone’s Favorite Special Buy is Back in Black from Today

WriterRachel Martin

14 April 2024

Everyone’s Favorite Special Buy is Back in Black from Today

Key Takeaways

  • Aldi's Expressi Coffee Capsule Machines are back with a new 'piano black' design, part of the May 1st Special Buys.
  • Priced at just $90.00, these machines offer a cost-effective alternative to more expensive brands and daily coffee shop visits.
  • Online availability now makes it easier for shoppers to get their hands on these machines without waiting for Special Buys.
  • The Expressi range also includes a new extra large milk frother and cost-effective coffee pods, enhancing the home coffee experience.

Aldi's famous Expressi Coffee Capsule Machines hit the shelves this morning, sporting a chic new 'piano black' look, revitalizing the allure of the already beloved bargain item. Nestled within the May 1st Special Buys catalogue, these machines have carved a niche among shoppers eager for a quality coffee experience without the hefty price tag of big-brand machines or the routine expense of coffee shop visits.

At an irresistible price point of only $90.00, the Expressi machine significantly undercuts the standard retail pricing of similar coffee-making devices, which often start at $150. This affordability factor, coupled with the machine's sleek new appearance, makes it a must-have for coffee aficionados and budget-conscious consumers alike.

The excitement doesn't stop at the machine itself. In an unprecedented move, Aldi has made selected machines available online for delivery. This strategic decision not only caters to the increasing consumer preference for online shopping but also ensures that coffee lovers don't miss out on their chance to snag this Special Buy, even if they can't make it to the store.

Beyond the machine, the catalogue offerings are a caffeine lover's dream, featuring everything necessary to bypass the daily coffee shop run. Perhaps the most standout bargain are the coffee pods themselves. With a 16-pack retailing for just $6, or approximately 35 cents per pod, they offer significant savings compared to traditional pods, which can cost around 80 cents each.

Adding to the allure is the introduction of a brand new extra large milk frother with a 500ml capacity. Priced at just $50, this dual heater and frother is an ideal companion to the Expressi machine, especially when paired with stainless steel travel mugs available for a mere $5 each.

Given Aldi's history of quickly sold-out Special Buys, eager shoppers are advised to act fast. The sentiment is echoed across social media, with one user succinctly putting it: “I need this.”

In summary, Aldi's latest Special Buy release not only enhances the home coffee experience with stylish, effective, and affordable solutions but also reflects the retailer's understanding of consumer desires and shopping habits. Whether you're looking to upgrade your coffee game or simply enjoy great savings, Aldi's new Expressi range is worth checking out.

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