Free Coffee Machine Alert: Woolworths' Unmissable Offer with Lavazza Capsules

WriterRachel Martin

13 April 2024

Free Coffee Machine Alert: Woolworths' Unmissable Offer with Lavazza Capsules

Key Takeaways:

  • Woolworths Promotion: A free $99 coffee machine is up for grabs when you buy six packs of Lavazza coffee capsules.
  • Limited Time: Hurry, as the offer concludes on September 1.
  • Savings and Benefits: Save $33 and enjoy nearly 100 coffee pods.
  • Community Buzz: Shoppers are sharing their excitement and tips on the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook group.

Woolworths has just brewed up an offer that's too tempting for coffee lovers to resist. In a move that's sure to perk up your morning routine, the retail giant is giving away a free coffee machine valued at $99. The catch? Simply purchase six packets of 16 Lavazza capsules, priced at $11 each, before September 1.

This deal not only equips you with a sleek new coffee machine but also offers a substantial saving of $33, leaving you with almost 100 pods to kickstart your day. The news of this hot deal spread like wildfire across the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook group, with members expressing their delight and sharing their first-hand experiences.

Comments ranged from excitement over the quality of the coffee ("Oh my goodness. Nice coffee too") to practical advice on making the most of the offer ("I only buy the pods on special... At full price, they are a bit pricey"). It's clear that this offer has brewed up quite the storm among coffee aficionados.

This promotion comes at a time when supermarket coffee is soaring in popularity, a trend significantly amplified by the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier this year, Aldi's coffee brand Lazzio experienced unprecedented demand, with both the supermarket and its supplier, Victorian coffee brand Black Bag Roasters, struggling to keep up. The demand spike was a lifeline for companies like the Nomad Coffee Group, which saw its sales through Aldi surge by more than 50% during the lockdown—a crucial boost that helped them weather the pandemic's impact.

The CEO of the Aussie group, Craig Dickson, shared insights into the dramatic shift in their business, highlighting the importance of Aldi's sales in keeping their operations afloat. The company, which had to adapt rapidly to the changing market dynamics, found a silver lining in the increased demand for home-brewed coffee, thanks to their award-winning beans that won Gold at the world's largest coffee roaster’s event in 2018.

As the offer deadline approaches, coffee lovers are encouraged to make the most of this Woolworths promotion. It's not just about snagging a free coffee machine; it's about embracing the joy of brewing high-quality coffee at home, a small luxury that has become all the more significant in these challenging times.

Remember, this deal ends on September 1, so don't miss out on your chance to elevate your coffee game. Whether you're a seasoned coffee aficionado or just looking to improve your morning brew, Woolworths and Lavazza have teamed up to bring a little more joy into your daily routine.

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