Is the De’Longhi Rivelia Coffee Machine Worth the Investment?

WriterRachel Martin

20 February 2024

Is the De’Longhi Rivelia Coffee Machine Worth the Investment?

Love your morning cup of joe, but wondering if investing in a proper bean-to-cup coffee machine is worth it? So were we. That's what piqued our interest in the De’Longhi Rivelia. Designed in Treviso Italy by coffee connoisseurs, De’Longhi, this machine promises a personalised coffee experience at the press of a few buttons. Does it live up to the reliable reputation of the De’Longhi brand? Read on to find out.

The lowdown on the Rivelia

Before we plunge into our editor’s experience of De’Longhi’s creation, here’s the scoop on the product in question.

  • Bean-to-cup coffee maker
  • Fully automatic with intuitive technology
  • Includes two interchangeable bean hoppers
  • Includes a milk frother
  • 16 pre-loaded drink options, ready to go

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Great personalisation options and memory
  • Produces consistently delicious drinks
  • Available in four chic colours
  • 100-day money-back guarantee via the De’Longhi site
  • Is expensive upfront
  • Though compact, still requires bench space

Our initial thoughts upon opening

A product with such a great host of features, we were excited to receive the De’Longhi Rivelia. And our unboxing experience lived up to our expectations. From the four colourways, sure to suit any modern (or, if you’re like us, dated) kitchen, we’d selected the Pebble Grey model. We weren’t disappointed. We were drawn like moths to a flame to its subtle sheen, rounded edges and glistening LED display screen. We couldn’t help but instantly plug our new baby in and start playing with the settings.

Putting it to the test

One of the persisting drawbacks and mental blocks when it comes to investing in new tech appliances, is whether they’ll be difficult to use. After all, great coffee is one thing — but only if you don’t spend hours cursing and swearing at the device to produce it. So, is that what our editor endured? A lengthy battle to produce her desired drink? No. Quite the opposite. The De'Longhi Rivelia couldn’t have been more simple — or satisfying — to use. Our editor simply selected her (now pink) profile, attached the milk frother (filled with her favourite oat milk) and hit the flat white button (which was set to her strength and size preference). The machine did the rest. From grinding the perfect quantity of beans to producing the double shot and frothy milk, the whole process took less than two minutes — and the output was delectable. A light, silky yet creamy flat white with perfectly ground and roasted coffee beans. Aka caffeine heaven.

Features we appreciate

Whilst producing premium-tasting coffee is the ultimate goal of any coffee maker, what is it that sets the De’Longhi Rivelia apart from competitors? Yes, the specs of the device are obvious and the taste has been confirmed, but our editor goes a step further, divulging her thoughts on the functionality of the machine and how it enhanced her overall coffee experience. Five key benefits of the De’Longhi coffee machine, according to our editor:

  1. It’s easy to test different types of beans
  2. There’s a specific hot water nozzle
  3. The Rivelia learns and remembers your routine
  4. It’s virtually self-cleaning
  5. Adjustments are reinforced for durability

The price

Let’s face it, the Rivelia is not the most affordable bean-to-cup coffee machine on the market. But we’ve been so impressed by its ease of use, sleek aesthetic, frothy milk, brilliant taste (that’s consistent every time) and cleaning capabilities — that we think the price is fair. It’s a hefty upfront cost, but let's break it down. The average oat flat white (as our editor drinks) in London costs around £4.50. That’s over £30 per week. Which is over £1,600 a year. For one person’s coffee. The De’Longhi Rivelia costs less than half that and can make as many cups as you fancy — for as many people as you like. Bit of a no-brainer if you ask us.

Ultimately, is the De’Longhi Rivelia coffee machine worth it?

Unsurprisingly our answer is yes, yes, one hundred times, yes. We think investing in a De’Longhi Rivelia will be the smartest (and tastiest) decision you’ll make this year. It produces cafe-grade coffee from the comfort of your kitchen — with no added hassle or fuss. It’s sleek, INTELLIGENT and (basically) cleans up after itself. How many things (or people…) in your household can you say that about? Shop a Rivelia today (and scoop up some of De'Longhi's coffee beans while you’re at it) and enjoy the drink of your dreams tomorrow. And the next day. And the next.

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