The Vice Dilemma: A Tale of Media's Struggle and the Abstract Economy

WriterRachel Martin

19 March 2024

The Vice Dilemma: A Tale of Media's Struggle and the Abstract Economy

In the evolving landscape of media and corporate culture, the tale of Vice Media emerges as a striking example of the broader challenges and transformations facing the industry. This narrative sheds light on the precarious dance between innovative content creation and the voracious demands of an abstraction-driven economy. Below are the key takeaways from the story of Vice and its implications for the media sector and beyond:

  • The Abstract Work Culture: The increasingly abstract nature of work in various industries, including media, where the focus shifts from substantive content creation to maximizing abstract economic gains.
  • The Impact of Financialization: The detrimental effects of financialization, where entities driven by abstract economic goals undermine the core values and operational integrity of businesses, leading to a decline in quality and workforce morale.
  • The Struggle for Authenticity: Despite initial success as a media innovator, Vice's journey reflects the broader struggle for media companies to maintain authenticity and quality amidst pressures to conform to the abstraction economy.

The Abstract Work Culture

At the heart of the Vice story is a broader commentary on the abstract nature of contemporary work culture. In various industries, the essence of work transforms into a series of tasks divorced from their social function, leading to a disconnection between the workforce and the output. This abstraction is amplified in the media sector, where companies like Vice, once hailed for their groundbreaking content, increasingly find themselves caught in the whirlwind of economic abstraction.

The Impact of Financialization

The narrative of Vice's decline is emblematic of the pervasive impact of financialization across industries. The shift towards prioritizing abstract economic gains over tangible product quality and workforce well-being reflects a troubling trend. The involvement of private equity, venture capital, and other agents of the abstraction economy often leads to a degradation of the core business, as seen in Vice's struggle to balance its pioneering spirit with the demands of its financial backers.

The Struggle for Authenticity

Vice's journey from a media innovator to a symbol of the challenges facing the industry underscores the struggle for authenticity. Despite its attempts to maintain its edgy and unconventional approach, the company's eventual succumbing to the pressures of the abstraction economy highlights the difficulty media companies face in preserving their core values. This struggle is not unique to Vice but is indicative of the broader challenges media entities encounter in an era where financial imperatives often overshadow creative and journalistic integrity.


The story of Vice Media serves as a cautionary tale for the media industry and beyond. It underscores the importance of balancing innovation and authenticity with economic realities. As we navigate the complexities of the abstraction economy, the tale of Vice reminds us of the need for a reevaluation of our priorities, ensuring that the pursuit of abstract economic gains does not come at the expense of quality, integrity, and social value. The challenge lies in finding a sustainable path forward that honors the essence of content creation while adapting to the evolving economic landscape.

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