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Coffee Brewing Guide for Beginners

Our comprehensive coffee brewing guide for beginners covers all the basics you need to make cafe-quality coffee at home. Learn how to buy the right coffee beans and ground coffee and store them properly for freshness. We break down popular brewing methods like drip machines, French press, pour over, cold brew, espresso, and more.

Follow step-by-step instructions to master each brewing technique and understand recommended grind sizes, water temperatures, coffee-to-water ratios, and immersion times. Plus, learn how to texture milk for lattes and cappuccinos. With our visual charts and handy reference tables, you'll become a coffee expert in no time!

Advanced Coffee Brewing Guide for Connoisseurs

Take your coffee skills to the next level with our advanced coffee brewing guide for connoisseurs. We showcase exciting gear like Chemex pour overs, moka pots, Aeropress, and siphons that will make you feel like a professional barista at home. Learn advanced techniques like resonant brewing for perfectly balanced extraction.

Discover the nuances of pour over flow rates, bloom times, and agitation for flawless flavor. Geek out over water chemistry and specialty brewing gear. We help you elevate your palate by explaining coffee tasting notes, flavors, acidity, sweetness, and mouthfeel so you can detect subtleties. Follow along as we break down dialing in the perfect grind size. And impress your friends with latte art! This guide transforms hobbyists into coffee gurus.

Coffee Maker Buying Guide

Take the guesswork out of buying coffee machines with our coffee maker buying guide. We provide pros and cons of popular models and important factors to consider. For drip coffee machines, learn the difference between single serve pod brewers like Keurig versus traditional carafe machines. Discover the ease of Nespresso capsule espresso machines versus manual espresso makers.

Compare integrated bean grinders, milk frothers, and other special features to identify what's best for you. Learn about crucial elements like heating technology, water pressure, brewing control, and convenient programming. We highlight must-have specs for coffee enthusiasts like precise temperature control, pre-infusion, and pid controllers. And we explain what certifications like SCA and ETL mean. Whether it's your first coffee maker or you're looking to upgrade, our guide makes the buying process easy and enjoyable.

Coffee Grinder Buying Guide

Our coffee grinder guide takes the hassle out of selecting the best grinder for your needs. We cover important factors like grind consistency, speed, noise level, capacity and more for blade, burr, manual and electric grinders. Learn the difference between grinders designed for espresso, drip coffee, pour over and french press. Discover features like grind size adjustability, integrated scales, and auto dosing.

Compare flat vs. conical burrs to determine what's best for you. Examine recommended grind settings and how to adjust from fine to coarse. Learn about specialized grinders like the Fellow Ode Brew Grinder engineered for optimal pour over and drip grinds. With prices ranging from $20 manual models to $700+ professional-grade machines, we help you find the grinder that aligns with your budget and coffee preferences. From coffee newbies to seasoned baristas, our guide has the details you need to select the ideal coffee grinder.

Guide to Coffee Subscriptions & Monthly Clubs

Make your morning routine easier and get coffee shop quality brews at home with our guide to coffee subscriptions and monthly clubs. Discover the wide range of bean, grounds, capsule and equipment subscription services available. We review top coffee subscriptions like Trade Coffee, Atlas Coffee Club, Angel's Cup, Bean Box and more. Learn how coffee subscriptions work, from taking flavor preference quizzes to receiving personalized coffee recommendations from professional roasters.

Understand the frequency options, ability to curate and customize orders, and convenience of auto-delivery. Read first-hand experiences from coffee enthusiasts and get exclusive deals for popular subscriptions. For the ultimate convenience, we highlight subscription services that provide the coffee maker too! Whether sampling different roasts each month or restocking your favorites, our guide provides the details to find your perfect coffee subscription match.

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